Meet Us Halfway

by Guido Maurizio Doria of Pancake Drawer

Pancake Drawer

We are Veronica and Guido from Rome (Italy); we founded “Pancake Drawer” in 2018. Back in the day, we started as an acoustic duo, playing guitar and ukulele. Along our journey, we evolved our sound by introducing new instruments such as lap steel guitar and synthesizers.

The name “Pancake Drawer” is a quote from our favorite TV show, “Scrubs.” In our live sets, we love to play some covers from that show.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Even though we are Italian, we write our original songs in English because the language has a very different musicality from Italian and fits perfectly with our music.

We have performed on many stages in Italy, but we have often been abroad in pubs and busking around the streets of Europe.

It was a lucky coincidence that we met. Veronica had written an online ad looking for musicians, and I responded. After rehearsing some covers in the studio, we moved rehearsals outdoors in the spring and started working on our original songs lying on the grass with a guitar.

At first, Veronica wrote a first draft with just voice and ukulele, and then I finished the arrangement. It was easier then because there were only two instruments. Later, we started creating more complex structures and defining our sound as we added synthesizers to our set of musical instruments.

In April 2020, during the pandemic, the first self-produced EP, “A Secret Place,” was released, recorded in the studio in the previous months. All the following works, “Meet Me Halfway” (2021), “Bahama Mama” (2021), and the most recent “Look Into The Mirror” (2022), were not only self-produced but also recorded, mixed and mastered directly by me.

With “Look Into The Mirror,” we have reached a new level of experimentation; the release best reflects our sound research up to this point. By listening to our music, we would like the listener to have a window into a dream world, let his mind free, and be wholly carried away by thoughts.

As “Pancake Drawer,” we have a sort of motto that we love to repeat:

“Everyone should have a dream drawer, maybe next to the pancake drawer!”

Guido Maurizio Doria: acoustic guitar & synth
Veronica Tulli: vocals, ukulele & synth



Artist’s Note
Rome, Italy
Alternative, Alternative Pop, Pop-Rock
acoustic, ukulele, synth

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