Borrowed Voices

by Tim Oestmann

Tim Oestmann

Greetings! My name is Tim Oestmann, from Adelaide, Australia.

Music is such a gift. It is a community event. Many of us are influenced by others’ gifts of a song or a tune, and hopefully, we can provide a tune in return. None of us makes music in a vacuum.

My background is as a guitarist and bass player in a number of local bands. I was fortunate enough to perform for a few years in front of live audiences, which was often a privilege. I also learned a lot from playing to an audience that gave instant feedback if you were hot, or not, they would let you know. I also did some roadie work for other performers, and so heard a lot of live music.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

One fine day, I thought to myself: “I’d better grow up,” and stopped playing in bands and writing music for a number of years. Eventually, though, after moping around, shoe gazing, arms crossed, frustrated, I eventually came to the conclusion; that for better or worse, I’m one of those people who “need,” “have to” write music, whether people would hear it or not.

So, inspired through the unlikely combination of Instrumental Surf Guitar and Electronic Big Beat, I started to experiment with computers with different sounds and began to play again, only this time concentrating on recording only. The ‘net was the perfect place to throw tunes up and share with friends. Some tunes got played on playlists and elsewhere by others. It’s nice to have your music heard.

The end product is what is important to me. I’m very happy to experiment with a mandolin or guitar or make a whole tune from loops, samples, beats, and whatever sounds can be pulled, bent, molded, distorted, warped, and triggered through a midi keyboard and whatever computer I have been able to get my hands on. I still play guitar too. The EP ‘Borrowed Voices’ has all of these elements.

The voices are “borrowed” for as much as I would like to be able to sing on the tracks myself, my voice sounds like one of those screeching cat fights you hear outside your bedroom window in the middle of the night, so it seemed to me that it was only kind and gracious to the listener to borrow voices from the community, particularly those who can sing very well. I started with different available acapellas and some spoken word and then built the songs around them.

I hope some of you enjoy the songs. The gift of music is part of the good things in life and I am grateful for the community it brings with it.


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Artist’s Note
Adelaide, Australia
Alternative, Electronic
guitar, instrumental, voices

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