A Collaborative Musical Concept

by Octomusic

I remember when I first started the OctoMusic project; I was still playing in my previous band back in 2017-2018. I was kind of tired of playing in that four-piece format, and I just felt we weren’t moving the whole thing forward, so that was the perfect time for me to start working on my own thing. I began releasing different singles and working with a couple of other musicians. When you do everything by yourself, it is very challenging as you have to establish your own deadlines and you have nobody to share the workload with, like when you are in a band, but it’s also very comforting as you can produce your music with much more depth.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Now I feel that I have the freedom to take my music in different directions. My music is always kind of rooted in electronic territories, but I’ve been able to combine it with more organic sounds. There are aspects to the creative process I never thought I would be doing, like collaborations. I have been collaborating with many people from different places. My most recent Remixes EP released in March this year was with Louisa, an artist based in London, UK. We also worked with some other local musicians here in Vancouver and some friends based in Japan and Chile, who made unique remixes for that piece of work, which is the follow-up of my first EP (Is the future now?), which was released in 2022.

This first EP was in collaboration with Louisa as well. We initially started working together around March/April 2022. The project was straightforward, and we were both very committed to it. Louisa was in charge of the lyrics, and I was in charge of the music, which was all recorded between London, Santiago, and Vancouver and was mixed and mastered by Jean, a musician and sound engineer in Chile, and Noah, who worked on mastering the Remixes EP in Vancouver.

It’s also been perfect to have worked with people from the Film industry that were in some way connected to the music scene in Vancouver. That’s how I met Rachel, an actress from Montreal, and Marc, a filmmaker. Marc and Rachel were very friendly and kind and willing to collaborate to shoot a video to promote one of my singles. That’s how we ended up filming the video for Flying.

It’s been a beautiful journey so far, being able to communicate feelings through lyrics and emotions through sounds. I’m always sort of missing the band format. Still, this solo project has been somehow liberating. It has allowed me to explore different options and directions, especially in the digital era, where you don’t need to be physically in the same place to work with somebody else. This is fascinating and appealing to me, as there’s so much you can do, and the only limits are the ones that only you can establish.


Artist’s Note
Vancouver, British Columbia
Alternative, Electronic, Pop, Indie Pop
band, solo, collaboration

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