Music is my Life

by Vugatti Beyron

Music is my Life by Vugatti Beyron

Born and bred in Bristol, UK, I have always been surrounded by music. My father is a guitarist and always listens to Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. My mother is not a musician, but she always listens to AC/DC and Billy Idol. At age 8, I started playing guitar. I am now 19 and have made guitar my main instrument, but I can also play drums. Last year, however, my musical journey nearly ended.

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I was studying at Access Creative College Bristol. I had studied there for three years, and everything fell apart in the last year. I had played the guitar in the first year and was forced to play electric bass to compensate for the vast amount of drummers and lack of bassists in the second year. At the end of the second year, I developed tendonitis. When the third year started, I told the course manager that playing bass had caused this issue. He completely ignored me and proceeded to make me play bass on 8 of the 12 required songs for the session musician unit. This resulted in me having to wear finger braces all the time and eventually caused a panic attack.

After recovering from the attack, I told the course manager that I would never play bass for him again. Shortly after this, I was abandoned. I was of no use to him anymore (despite also being a guitarist and drummer), and it was during this time that I wrote the albums Myths & Legends, Free and the soon to be released EP Vote for Ruin. I also started writing music for video games.

When he noticed my ability to write music to video games, he tried to get back into my good graces by showcasing my work at the end of the year award ceremony. While he did live up to this promise, it did not make up for everything he caused. Despite all the odds, I am still writing music and have composed two more albums since I left college in July this year.

While initially, my albums consisted of both Electronic and Grunge music, they are evolving just to contain Grunge as I am writing electronic music for video games. I also release two albums every year.



Artist’s Note
Bristol, Great Britain, England, Kingswood
Grunge, Alternative, Electronic, Rock

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