The Spanish Disaster of Independent Electronic Music

by Julio Gutiérrez (Nühn)

The Spanish Disaster of Independent Electronic Music by Julio Gutiérrez (Nühn)

In Spain, to be honest, it is hard to find excellent independent musicians (composers) in electronic music. It’s true that in other music cultures, like jazz, rock, blues, etc., we have some outstanding musicians. But if we talk and refer to (only) in electronic music, it is a colossal disaster.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

A reason could be that in Spain we have still very few roots (to not say none) in this discipline. Or, maybe, our composers and producers, they dedicate very few hours to work into it, to get a lot of practice in this domain.

Anyway, to me the experience inside the scene of my country and the big problem is that it is tough to find opportunities to play in clubs and that way to receive some recognition by the broader public in the city of Barcelona and other cities in Spain. In my opinion, this is because the people who manage the scene and decide who enters this game or not, actually are artists themselves. It means, that if there were someone with more obtained practice or more talent, that guy for sure would reject the option for the more talented to play.

So you can understand this more clearly: We in Spain do not care about our electronic scene. Other countries like Germany, Netherlands, UK, etc., yes, they care all the time about their scene. This is the big difference.

I don’t know if this is also an issue for other genres in my country. I’m talking about independent electronic music only.

So, with all of this, my music has to deal with this issue all the time.


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Artist’s Note
Barcelona, Spain
Alternative, Electronic
the idiots are losing, local music scene, opportunities

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