Islands In Mind

by Eldafyre

Islands In Mind by Eldafyre
I live in a small house. High on a forested mountain. It rarely snows during the winter. I drive long distances to see the entire country sometimes. I eat alone in vast naturistic scenarios. However, I have a deeply loving companion.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

I never drink and I never smoke. Life is far more enjoyable with well-used monies. I swim naked whenever I can. Even in the freezing cold. I become uncomfortable in public situations and prefer talking to my friends one on one.

The world is so filled with talent these days. The difference is it is vastly unpublished. Never has the television been filled with so much commercial artists while alternative artists remain unknown.

My favourite food is cookies and milk but now I have to eat gluten free as gluten nearly killed me. It sent me insane actually. No nutrients were going to my brain. Now I am completely restored and have been eating a whole food diet for nearly 10 years.

I make my music in complete rejection of the industry. Fuck the industry. My music is about the connection within myself and the world nothing more. I love my music. I’m in love with myself. Words are art to me. I want my music original. Originality is so vital to me. I believe the more the industry rejects it, the better it is.

I also believe I get better with time. I want to do multiple genres. I’ll rap when I’m 50. I want to be a dirty old rapping wizard.

But none of this has anything to do with “Islands in Mind.” My recent finalized album written for my dead grandmother. I want you to live while you’re alive and take every breathe as if it is your last.

Sometimes life is so amazing to me it feels like I’m on a grand precipice. Just one more feeling of euphoria will send me hurtling into space and beyond time. Through my music, I will be eternal. Even if you and others do not like it or share it. Robots and the next consciousness have already taken everything and it will play for eternity in our kingdom in the sky.

Massive love.



Artist’s Note
Melbourne, Australia
Alternative, World, Folk, Jazz, Holiday
island, noir, sex, food diet, music industry

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