Antiquity – All Wrapped Up In You

by Christopher Carvalho

Antiquity - All Wrapped Up In You by Christopher Carvalho
Sounds like a James Bond theme. Sax eargasm comes in at around 1:54

Listen to the song while reading the text.

Written and produced by Gerald Duchene, All Wrapped Up In You could be the theme of a James Bond film that never made it to release. You can stream now on all platforms:

Antiquity was formed primarily as a studio effort to complete an album concept. After several years of recording, it never transformed past the infancy stage of a live act. Antiquity encompasses two of America’s principal and potent musical inventions. Jazz and it’s bastard son rock.

It sometimes seems that everything great has it’s humble beginnings and jazz is no exception. It has survived war, slavery, racism, depression, war and war again and again and the battle with it’s son. A child that has shone brightly in the spotlight and filled it’s pockets with that greatest of American traditions, greed. Through all of this old man jazz has kept his head high and slowly emerged as the elder statesman. The wise old sage of the stage with rock right there beside him.

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United States
Rock, Alternative, crossover

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