Loud Library’s EP

by Ben

Loud Library's EP by Ben
While forming a band earlier in 2018, this group really put together their sound and shared it to many. Having such a variety of music really gives this band a unique vibe to them.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

When asked why they choose the name “Loud Library,” Benjamin says that it’s meant to be something that’s kind of out of order. Something loud when it’s supposed to be silent. Having members in the band be influenced in all different types of genres, ranging from indie to afro-beat, is something that really urged them to blend their style of playing.

Singing is fairly new to me, I never thought nor had I ever wanted to be a/the singer in a band, but I just had to put myself out there and learn how to grow, and I like to perform live. Being that this is a band that creates mostly original material, there’s a great feeling when you put your all to a song and play in front of people, and they actually like it, and can also critique/compare exactly what you were thinking.

Releasing this EP “A letter home,” I’ve put thought on my musical upbringing/influences and wrote songs that made me feel comfortable, like at home.

Alternative Pop
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