Blik & Sand: Writing love songs

by Christopher Blicher

Blik & Sand: Writing love songs by Christopher Blicher
Love songs have been done to death. They are not new. But do they necessarily have to be all-in on either the sugar-sweet and romantic side or the heavily emotional and melancholic breakup side?

Can’t they be written in a detached way seen through glasses of the harsh conditions of reality? With a sarcastic and humorous tone? With a hint of cynicism? Even about objects instead of people? Can’t the story behind be as interesting as the emotions?

Listen to the album while reading the text.

How it all began

Blik&Sand is a songwriting duo from Esbjerg, Denmark. They started their cooperative project in the summer of 2018, but have been writing music both individually and together in several different band relations since 2012, where they met at the local High School.

The project Blik&Sand started as a joke, writing silly songs with silly lyrics, but it turned out to become a real project when they had the idea to actually record these songs. They approached their friend and producer, Lasse Grahndin, who loved the idea.


The duo consists of Christopher Blicher (drums, vocals) and Christian Scherning (guitar, vocals). In 2016, they both went to university, though in different parts of the country. Christopher moved to the capital, Copenhagen, to study musicology at the University of Copenhagen. Christian moved to Aarhus to study musicology and organ studies, respectively at Aarhus University and the School of Church Music. With busy schedules and quite a commute between each other, they still find the time to create music together.

More is definitely to come in the future.

About the music

  • “Alt For Tuborgs Skyld” is the title of the first track on the self-titled EP – and yes, you guessed right – the name is a reference to the Danish brewing company Tuborg. The laid-back, groovy tune proclaims their psychotic love for beer in an over-the-top manner with hyperbolic and dryly humorous, Danish lyrics in a mix of elements from rock, pop, R&B, and jazz, as well as sprinkling it with some “beer bottle choir.”
  • The second track “Bodilsangen” is a little heavier and dirtier acoustic rock song with a hint of inspiration from Danish artists such as Johnny Madsen. It is about a guy who has a one-night stand with the old lady Bodil and falls in love with her, but he cannot find her again and becomes depressed. When he finally sees her again she wants to say hi to him, but she is with another man, and the guy ignores her and leaves the bar.
  • The final track “I Am” is a mix of rock-ish inspiration from Foo Fighters and progressive ambiance a la Pink Floyd, and it is the only track with English lyrics. This song is slightly more serious than the previous two and is about a man deep into the drug scene who meets a special girl. He is now forced to choose – stay with the drug lifestyle, or become sober for her?

Their idea of genre is a broad conceptualization of rock, pop, prog with elements of blues and jazz. In other words, they as a band have many musical ideas springing in many different directions, and they do not feel obliged to write in any specific genre, or for that matter, a restriction on language (except for Swedish – we obviously do not like the Swedes/Svenskjävlar!).

Blik og Sand

Blik og Sand, Category: Artist, Singles: Blik og sand, Top Tracks: Knap den bajer op, I Am, Bodilsangen, Biography: “Blik og Sand” is a Danish songwriting duo consisting of Christian Scherning Sandbæk and Christopher Steensen Blicher., Monthly Listeners: 6, Where People Listen: Copenhagen, Middelfart, Køge, Esbjerg, Thisted


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