A Grave Made Road

by Kevin David Marin Quiñonez (KDMQ)

A Grave Made Road by Kevin David Marin Quiñonez (KDMQ)

Well, this is my 3rd time writing this, my second try at writing this on a computer. I have to put a disclaimer out; this might get dark and depressing. Don’t know, but, yeah, I just wanted to put that out here.

I write this not coming from a place of hate, but from a place of time, and exhaustion. Also, I do this so I can try to explain the songs I have released thus far as part of an upcoming album I’m working at the moment.


Listen to the single while reading the text.

A Path of Growth

I have lived in the same place for 25 years of my life. That – at least for me – feels like an eternity. Taking into account that I never planned to live beyond my 21st birthday. But too late for that now.

This place I have inhabited for all of these years has changed. It demands to be called a city when it really is a little town in disguise. I guess it’s a good analogy for us people who live here, as well, we all try to look as grounded and mature as we need to, but, inside, we are still the same lost children.

I’ve been making music for ten years; I´m happy with my sound and the things I have pulled out by my self, from midi tracks created on a PC to the use of the real stuff, like pianos, organs, cellos, and violins. The sound I have been plowing is something that shows a path of growth and, at the same time, a path of self-destruction.

I don’t make the happiest songs with the most cheer lyrics. Still, all the words I put into songs are very meaningful. I’m not interested in genres and music fields, I’m more interested in the way things sound, rather than making them fit into a category, I just made the sounds that my head wanna make, and sometimes some help is necessary.

Grave Made Road

Now I’m sorry if all of the other words until now feel boring and come along as stupid, I’m just trying my best to write, it’s been a very long while since I did it this way, so now let’s go to more music.

Recently I released a trilogy of singles, that would be part of a new album, the first full length in three years, the singles in question are:

  • He; who has no future
  • ¿Cómo encontrar un camino; donde nunca hubo un sendero?.
  • Black dance rabbit ; song soul cypher

These three songs are part of a “Grave Made Road” trilogy, inspired by my town, the grave made road in the middle of nowhere. These three songs not only talk about my current mental state, but they are also inspired by the sounds that I’ve heard for the last 20 years (cause my early memories are probably between 4 and 5). Music around here is very rounded, and it tends to sound like its always the same, so I took some of that rancid spice and sprinkled it all over these tracks.

Another thing to take into account, while listening to these tracks, is the fact that each song has a little short story, something that I enjoyed a lot during my childhood. And it also has been a nice way to cope up with the “writer’s block.”

He; Who Has No Future

Rooted on the south side of the mountains, lives the Seed Grower, man born woman, living in the middle of a field, it grows seeds, so the land produces the life. One day, all the area that surrounded Seed Grower dried all plants and animals died, the forceful hand of man and the greed of the ones in charge took the Seed Grower’s land.

Days weeks, months, days, and years go by, and the land kept on drying, and the Seed Grower finally said goodbye, time to look for a new place, it needs new ground. Tired, and with feet dead, mouth dry and eyes red like blood, it finds a magical place, in the middle of nowhere a door. Baffled it opened the door, the enchanting glance, of new lands and shores, rivers and lakes of immense sizes and forms, but what was the cost?

The devil showed and offered the place to the Seed Grower, but it must give out its soul, for the land would be at its name, and it would grow everything, and the days would be happy all along and nights would be peaceful as well. A magic Book upfront, a pen carved on bone, and a knife, “pinch your finger write your name, this land is yours to take,” satan shouted, for he; who has no future is about to lose it all, a long life about to be shattered.

Inspired by local legends and classic mariachi and corrido sounds, this song is both a prayer and a warning. A being is about to commit one of the most sacrilegious acts, sell his soul, but in the process, this being has to survive to whatever his head has to offer, from inner demons to dreams and memories. The being is around the corner selling his soul, dealing with the greatest of the liars and scammers, and the being might regret the decision, but at the same time, it’ll go with it, cause that’s what it wants. It wants to find a place, somewhere to stay in. It deals with the painful decision to keep one’s self alive.

¿Cómo encontrar un camino; donde nunca hubo un sendero?

Sin amor y sin ser amada, Widow Meadow, por fin lo decidio, tendria que salir de su cabaña y ver lo que el mundo le ofrecio pero jamas tomo. Mira las roacas, las montañas y los arbolas mientras deciende por su colina, y al mismo tiempo revive las memorias de amantes del pasado, y de un nombre que dejo y jamas devera de ser nombrado.

Widow Meadow cuenta hasta diez, pero siempre detien en el numero siete, pues son los amantes que dejo atras, aquellos que la abandonaron y la dejaron en aquella colina, en aquel mundo sin color, en aquellla casa que llamo hogar. Casi al final de la colina, puede ver, un rio, y un alma un ser, que llora y llora sin poder detener, la mujer mira al extraño ser y ve como de sus ojos, un rio deja caer, Widow Meadow pregunta razon para el llanto pero no hay respuesta del ser.

Sin resolucion y sin querer quedarse a mirar las lagrimas de otro, enconteces decidio caminar, y seguir viendo, mirando las tierras, los llanos y a lo lejos su colina, la dejaba atras, sin nombre y sin brujula, el camino ya se emprendio, Widow Meadow, no tiene nombre de nuevo.

Without the necessity of craving or looking for a lover, my brain fell into a retrospective. Love is just a big hallway with no doors or windows, and with a non-linear structure. We look at love as the most fantastic thing that we might encounter, and, for others, it is just the worst curse to encounter.

As someone who has never been in a relationship, love is something I know as a construct and definition, not as something I have ever felt, so this song is my pure speculative work on how love as a curse looks like. The sonic inspiration for this song are “cantinas”, especially the music they play while the world keeps on going around them.

Black Dance Rabbit; Song Soul Cypher

This song is biographical, with no need for short stories; the lyrics and the music lend themselves for people to imagine what the song is about, no boundaries, just a bright waltz through a mind.

Inspired by “Turtle Dreams” by Meredith Monk, this song is a waltz. It lends itself for people to dance alone or along with a person so that they can go through their memory lane while dancing and listening.

“A Grave Made Road” makes reference to living on a place for too long it drives you mad, look at the songs as an old cursed western movie.


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Artist’s Note
Durango, Mexico
Alternative, Experimental, Lo-fi, Electronic, Ambient, Folk, Mexicana
accordion, autoharp, piano, cantinas

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