Heno – Fragments Of A Memory LP

by Heno

Heno - Fragments Of A Memory LP
Hello, my name is Heno from London UK. I’ve been producing music for ten years, and I just released my first album called “Fragments Of A Memory” on Monday, available in all digital outlets.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Fragments Of A Memory is a journal of music with lots of different genres. I grew up listening to a lot of British bands, American Hip-hop/rock/soul music which inspired me to create this album. Production wise is dark, raw, moody and British but it has a fresh, mysterious air to it that I think people will find interesting.

I put my heart into it, and it should have come out sooner, but I was rather a perfectionist about it. I hope people can take something they like from it.


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Heno – Fragments Of A Memory
Heno – Fragments Of A Memory LP
Heno – Fragments Of A Memory LP

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