Recording My Album: The Will to Succeed

by Vaughn Edward

Recording My Album: The Will to Succeed by Vaughn Edward
After years of performing in funk, jazz, blues, ska, Top 40 and big bands, I found myself and the voice that I wanted with my music in the world. I realized, after traveling and living in all parts of the country, the music that best represents me, is Pop!

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I was living in Chicago, going through an identity crisis with my music. I always thought that I would end up performing in New York as a jazz musician. I practiced 5-10 hours a day, learning tunes, perfecting my craft, gigging in clubs. Then, one day, I woke up, and I just didn’t want to be a jazz musician anymore. I just felt, for me, music wanted to be simpler, more relatable in the world, and less technical in a few ways. I suppose I felt, as a jazz musician, when we performed, most people liked the music, but they didn’t understand it.

So, I started writing my own songs and practicing a variety of chord changes on the piano that were so vastly different than what I was used to. It felt good! And fresh! And every day, I was working on my voice, doing technical exercises and ear training.

After four years in Chicago, I needed a change. I was working for a coke-head boss who was always screaming at his employees. When the day came that he threatened to fire me, while screaming in my face, I walked out of that job without giving him notice. That felt amazing.

I was also given a blessing right around this time. It had just hailed on my car, and insurance gave me $6000 to either fix it or do what I wanted. I decided to move across the country, 2100 miles in the car to Cali.


The Bay Area welcomed me, and I met a lot of new friends and musicians. But after being there for only three months, a friend called me and wanted me to move to Seattle to pursue the music dream. Within a week, I left California and drove out to Seattle, another 780 miles.


I was living in a small room in a big building that bands used as a practice space. Every night, I’d fall asleep on the floor, next to a drum set. I’d wake up, make my coffee and practice the new Pop songs I was writing. In the next room, a drummer would bang for hours. Two and three doors down, I’d hear heavy metal bands, running their sets down for their next gig. After six hours or so, I’d take my break, then come back and practice some more.

After a couple of months, my friend and I realized that it would not work out, musically. He still wanted to be a jazzer. I did not. I decided to move to St. Louis, another 2100 miles in the car.

St. Louis

While in St. Louis, I looked for a place to record my songs. I had an old friend there who was running an open jam. I had not seen him in years, so I went to this jam. It just happened, he was also a recording engineer and wanted to record my Pop tunes.

However, after uploading my songs to his system, he was having trouble with some of the wave files, and time was not playing out well for him in his busy life. St. Louis wasn’t my town, and I was missing the Bay Area, so it was another 2000 mile drive across country.

Back in the Bay Area

Being back in the Bay Area was refreshing! And this second time around proved to be more fruitful. I was looking for a drummer, and some friends tipped me off on this guy. I wrote this cat a message online because he was an amazing player. However, I was blown off and ignored (haha).

After a few months went by, I went to an open jam, and that same drummer happened to be there. After I performed my set, he really liked what he heard, and he approached me to work with him.

I played numerous gigs with him and his bands, and his family also had a recording studio. This is where I finally recorded my Album, “One More Day”! My friend, Ryan Glick, produced the album, playing drums, guitar, and synths, and he was able to recruit many other players for the album.

It took thousands of miles, and a whole lot of trying and brainstorming. But that song of mine, “One More day”, even won an award down in L.A. for “Best Pop Song”.

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