Put Your Garbage in the Garbage

by Michael Saulnier

Put Your Garbage in the Garbage by Michael Saulnier
I’m on a break from my usual hip hop producing/rapping, and I’ve recently dug up my Folk/Bluegrass roots. When I am not recording music on my tape recorder, I build the first composite houses made from 100% recycled plastic in my hometown of Clare, Nova Scotia.

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The Summit (954), “Def Cat”, and the South Florida Music Scene…

by Timothy LaRoque

The Summit (954), DefCat, and the South Florida Music Scene... by Timothy LaRoque
It was the summer of 2016 (going into my junior year of high school) when I had switched from Fort Lauderdale High School to South Broward. I was in a cover band at the time with some kids I’d known from earlier on in my childhood, but I never felt too close with them.

I always wanted to be in a band where I was playing with genuine friends and making meaningful music with help from all parties. So I went searching (with the idea of finally writing music, while making friends) in my new school’s band program, I joined the jazz band on guitar and piano, while also joining marching band and regular band on the tuba. Right off the bat, I met two kids that I liked and wanted to start a group with.

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