American Music at its very roots: Gangstagrass

American Music at its very roots: Gangstagrass

While Gangstagrass have a new single out and are preparing a live album, they released their last studio album American Music almost three years ago. Never the less, their mix of Bluegrass and Hip-Hop hasn’t lost its freshness a bit in those years.

Redefining American Music

It’s so obvious: Take on the one hand traditional rural music from the south, and mix it with urban hipness from the north, then you will get actual American music at its very best. Gangstagrass did just that. With their fourth, and yet latest album they are redefining American music. And they do it so genuine and naturally, that you can’t believe there are not more bands doing a similar thing.

Brooklynite Rench, the mastermind behind Gangstagrass, is a brilliant songwriter and producer. He masterfully blends Bluegrass and Hip-Hop into a mind-blowing new genre. And not only the music is at its best, but also the lyrics are genuinely American.

Listen to the Soundposter

Listen to Gangstagrass’ last studio album in full length on our genuine Album Soundposter:

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