The Summit (954), “Def Cat”, and the South Florida Music Scene…

by Timothy LaRoque

The Summit (954), DefCat, and the South Florida Music Scene... by Timothy LaRoque
It was the summer of 2016 (going into my junior year of high school) when I had switched from Fort Lauderdale High School to South Broward. I was in a cover band at the time with some kids I’d known from earlier on in my childhood, but I never felt too close with them.

I always wanted to be in a band where I was playing with genuine friends and making meaningful music with help from all parties. So I went searching (with the idea of finally writing music, while making friends) in my new school’s band program, I joined the jazz band on guitar and piano, while also joining marching band and regular band on the tuba. Right off the bat, I met two kids that I liked and wanted to start a group with.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

The Summit

The Summit was an idea originally conceived by me, Timothy LaRoque (lead singer and guitarist), Lenny Arias (saxophone) and Kenny Miller (trumpet). Named after a spot on the beach that we frequented, we named our new group the Summit and had big ideas for what could come about.

The group expanded and brought in a plethora of players within the first months of its creation: Greyson Auclair (guitarist), Chad McPhee (tuba), Farid Cano (trombone), Isaac Santos (clarinet), Anthony Bucci (guitarist), Arturo Llapa (percussion). We played many in-school performances and little gigs as we were focusing on crafting and creating new songs. Rafael Limongi also joined the line-up, although much later and Garret Craig even later.


As time goes on, so does life and people inevitably come and go due to circumstances out of our control. But the friendships that have been made and made only stronger with time and the experiences that have helped shape us as people will always remain and with that being said, the Summit is so much more than just a band, we are a little family that revolves around the music we make and listen to.

Def Cat

As we get ready to release new music into the world and put out our first album “Def Cat,” we’re reminded of the people who helped get us to where we are as a band, and we can’t wait to share our music with the world.

To put in simplest terms, we make our favorite songs. With a wide range of influences, we make songs that showcase genres from indie/pop-folk (The Shelf), gritty/heavier rock (Crazy for Life), and more in an attempt to stay out of whatever “box” we may be put in by being a band nowadays.

We can’t be pegged to a certain noise, we are free to all areas of music, and we are always trying to up the ante in terms of our songwriting and musicianship. We will be releasing our first album on Def Cat Records in the spring of 2019, as we are doing shows and gigs in the upcoming months to promote it.

South Florida Music Scene

We were just on South Florida’s WLRN 91.3 FM Folk and Acoustic Music show with Michael Stock earlier this December promoting a benefit concert we held on the 8th. It was a John Lennon tribute show (held on the 38th anniversary of his death date) with all of the proceeds ($630) going to the Coral Restoration Foundation. We released an EP on our Bandcamp days later with the radio feed and audio from a livestream mixed.

Coming up; we are opening up at the Broward Center of Performing Arts from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM on January 5th (Saturday), the same night as Hamilton the Musical. Weeks later we will be playing at Fishtales on 33rd, opening up for Gene Loves Jezebel at 8 PM.

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The Summit

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