Put Your Garbage in the Garbage

by Michael Saulnier

Put Your Garbage in the Garbage by Michael Saulnier
I’m on a break from my usual hip hop producing/rapping, and I’ve recently dug up my Folk/Bluegrass roots. When I am not recording music on my tape recorder, I build the first composite houses made from 100% recycled plastic in my hometown of Clare, Nova Scotia.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

I am a member of the independent Acadian label “TIDE SCHOOL” located in southwest Nova Scotia, founded by original Radio Radio member/instrumentalist Alexandre Bilodeau (aka Arthur Comeau). We spread positivity and give many talented artists in our province a platform to showcase their music (either on our YouTube page or local radio station CIFA 104.1).

My music is worth hearing because I spread positivity and environmental awareness while composing original music of quality. For example, my merchandise is made with 100% recycled materials (e.g., cotton, polypropylene.)

If you’d like to know more about the recclyed PET houses, you can read a recent article in the Plastic News.

Michael Saulnier

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Artist’s Note
Clare, Nova Scotia
Folk, Bluegrass, Keto, Singer-Songwriter
recycling, reduce waste, environment



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