The Dynamics of a Gangstagrass Live Performance

The Dynamics of a Gangstagrass Live Performance

When this week’s featured artist Gangstagrass hit the road in March, they will record every gig and capture the dynamic they have on stage so everyone can get a taste.

First Live Album

Gangstagrass will use the recordings of their live performances they collect during their spring tour for their first ever live album. But they will not choose one gig in its entirety. Muchmore, each track will reflect a different performance in a different venue. That way, the band aims to capture the spontaneous moments of their live performances.

“Our performances are so spontaneous and different from the albums,” Rench sais in a Rolling Stone interview. “There is a whole new energy to the material. It’s bittersweet when we play to an audience with such a connection; it makes me wish we could have shared that with everyone.”

Spring Tour

As a teaser for the forthcoming tour, have a look at Gangstagrass’ amazing live performance of the song You Can Never Go Home Again at the LR Baggs Soundcheck office in Nashville, TN almost a year ago.


The tour dates are featured in our first post about Gangstagrass.


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