Far From Home

by New Nervous Kind

The time to start a musical project should probably have been in a university where access to a range of different musicians was abundant. But then most people choose to learn the hard way…

The New Nervous Kind was created in the wake of the university with nothing more than a laptop (to program drums), a guitar, and a bass guitar, with the help of a trusty microphone. The setting was an isolated attic space, far from friends or family, which would serve well as the basis for the nostalgic lyrics and mechanical quality for our first single “Going Nowhere.”

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

Modern Guitar-driven Music

The basis for the sound of “Going Nowhere” and our sound, for the most part, is predominantly down to having started a project as a solo songwriter and building a band after having written a series of songs. Incidentally, The Strokes were a major influence on how we saw modern guitar-driven music, and this song, in particular, is a direct homage to The Strokes sound.

Although the drums are purposely straight forward and almost mechanical, the bass provides a minimal groove in the verse that’s easy for the listener to move to. The guitars also serve a rhythm that compliments the bass, while the vocals tell a story through short bursts and simple melodies. These elements together lay the groundwork for a chorus that is driven and also raises the dynamics of the song. While the bass riff in the verse owns it’s on-hook, the roles switch in the chorus to the vocals and guitar riff to bring the song to its dynamic climax and repeats in this fashion with an added instrumental section that changes the mood of the song until resolving in the last chorus.

Laughing At Failures

The lyrical context of the song began from a humiliating defeat (54 seasons to be exact) on a video game called FIFA Soccer 2017, which gave the chorus lyrics of “54 seasons I’m going nowhere”. This song was initially intended to laugh at such failure but quickly took a nostalgic turn into admiration for friends/family and how it used to be, along with a sense of “what if?” – without directly mentioning the good old days.

Noughties Indie Rock

Music analysis aside, “Going Nowhere” along with our music, in general, is intended for dancing to (and singing to, given enough time) without having to demand too much attention from the listeners, especially from a first-time listeners’ perspective. An underlying desire for our music (as fans of noughties indie rock) is for our music to sit in the mix of our favorite band’s songs and sound at home, as well as to serve as music to a lively social scene.

Interacting with our fans as much as possible has helped us choose this song for our leading single from our debut EP. Although music is subjective and we cannot force people into loving our music, so this song is a “no pressure” piece that won’t demand too much. Some people might even like it! Haha!

New Nervous Kind

New Nervous Kind, Category: Artist, Singles: Going Nowhere, Going Nowhere, Top Tracks: Going Nowhere, Borderline, Tickle Love Stain, Pictures, Biography: Formed in 2016, New Nervous Kind quickly attracted the attention of record labels…

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