Musical Diaries by the artist known as Fuvk

Audio Journals by the artist known as Fuvk

From time to time, you hear a song that is so perfect and commercially viable that you ask yourself, “how is this not a major record already?” We used this statement already for our artist of the week in early February Kris Angelis. But it is even more true for the mysterious girl making music as fuvk. Hopefully, featuring her here gets her the attention she deserves.

Musical Diaries

It looks like Austin’s indie singer-songwriter known as fuvk doesn’t like publicity. We don’t know her name or her face. Ridiculously talented and gifted, she primarily doesn’t make music to express herself to others, but as kind of a therapy to process more or less unpleasant events in her life. Consequently, since she doesn’t look at her music as a “product”, she doesn’t sell it. Fuvk is not present in social media, and you can’t buy her music on iTunes or Amazon.

Fuvk also prefers to let speak her music for itself. And her quiet yet powerful sound does indeed! It is one of those rare moments, when you don’t have to know more about the person behind it, not even have to understand the lyrics, to know exactly what it’s about. The music is so vulnerable and vigorous at the same time, on the one hand very personal, but also so familiar, that you can’t help but feel at home.

Fuvk started in 2016 to record songs about her personal life. Whenever she thinks she mastered a part of her life, she releases the songs as EPs. In 2016 there were four releases, for every season one. In 2017 she only released one EP. The year 2018 started with another collection.

Time Series

The title of her first EP in 2018 is called Time Series. It marks a big step forward, since the songs mostly contain a full band sound, compared to the acoustic recordings of her earlier EPs. The songs remind me very much of the Canadian band The Stars but are still very personal. Also, while not directly comparable, I would dare to put her in line with such singer-songwriters as Suzanne Vega.

Since fuvk normally releases EPs as an endpoint in a phase of her biography, maybe the title marks the end of her musical diaries and she is planning a full album. Anyhow, here’s the full Time Series EP as an audio-visual Soundposter. Enjoy!


And, as a special treat, the track calm down as a sparkling Video Soundposter:


You can’t follow fuvk on Twitter or Facebook, but you can do so on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.



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