Charlotte Carpenter is not a Babywoman

Charlotte Carpenter is not a Babywoman

British Singer-Songwriter Charlotte Carpenter has just released her new single Babywoman. Also, she produced a very personal video to promote the song.


Babywoman is Charlotte Carpenter’s empowering anthem.

BABYWOMAN started a year ago, at a time when I was feeling tired and defeated. Dedicating your life to music comes with it’s sacrifices and I was beginning to feel miles behind other women my age. Some friends would have a baby or buy a house within a year and I didn’t feel writing a few good songs was the same milestone.

However, my state of mind took a turn when I started to think less of myself and more of the women before my time; if the women before this generation fought so hard for the freedom I have today, then I should continue to fight to withhold it and never take it for granted. I should care less of what is expected of my gender and more time onto the career that I have the freedom to create. Babywoman has become my empowering anthem and I really hope other women feel that too.

Charlotte Carpenter

Charlotte is from the Midlands in the UK. She is still young, and as our former artist of the week fuvk, her songs help her through her life. Officially, so far she has released four EPs and four singles.

Not too productive, it seems, but on SoundCloud, her catalog already goes back to 2014.

Charlotte Carpenter

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You can buy Charlotte’s music from iTunes.

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