The Quality of Home Recording as done by fuvk

The Quality of Home Recording as done by fuvk

Although our artist of the week known as fuvk recorded her early tracks in her bedroom, the quality stands out compared to other home recordings of non-electronic music. How does she do it?

The Quality of Home Recording

Already with her first release in the summer of 2016, fuvk emerged kind of fully formed. While recorded in her bedroom on a MacBook, you don’t feel anything missing and the quality of the sound is fantastic. There are always several guitar and vocal tracks well mixed. How does she do it? Well, the answer is, she doesn’t do it all on her own.

It helps that fuvk has a lot of talented friends and a good network to help her out. And while the person behind fuvk keeps her own name a secret so far, she gives credit explicitly to all the contributors. Clint Burgos is the one who is participating in all releases as “partner in crime.” It was him who did a lot of the mixing and mastering. Interestingly, fuvk and Clint don’t live in the same city anymore. Therefore, they send projects back and forth on the internet.

The unique quality you hear may really just be a minimalistic quality that stems from the echo-y room and lack of instrumentation outside of her small acoustic guitar. Most things are also double tracked. Other than that, they don’t have any secrets about mixing and mastering. There aren’t any particular methods they use to achieve the sound. They just use some reverb and EQ out some wrong frequencies.

The first song fuvk worked on with Clint, Solano Drive, is also one of her favorite tracks. Therfore, we present it to you in a video enhanced Soundposter:

Unfinished Work

We did also find some work on YouTube that seems yet unfinished. Nevertheless, they don’t lack that special personality of fuvk we know from the “official” releases. Especially the song dear specific person would fit very well on an EP.

We have created a gallery Soundposter for you with the five songs:



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