Fuvk finds her Lyrics Therapeutic

Fuvk finds her Lyrics Therapeutic

This week’s featured artist fuvk definitely finds her music to be therapeutic. She started writing lyrics as a coping mechanism for depression and anxiety, and she hopes that people can find a sense of relatability through her words. Even if people can’t share her experiences, they probably can understand her sentiments in the music and lyrics and find solace in that kind of solidarity.

The Lyrics of fuvk

The lyrics written by fuvk are in a depressive mood and full of anxiety for sure. But in my opinion, the chosen words are not destructive at all. Also, the music is much more melancholic than gothic, more New Order than Joy Division.

But better judge for yourself. We collected all songs fuvk released so far in a single Soundposter, including all the lyrics, so you can listen and read at the same time:

Stepping out of her Shadow

Making music in her bedroom helped fuvk to get through bad times. Since she always looked her music and lyrics as very private, so far she tried to be unknown. While there’s still some mystery, with her newest release time series fuvk has been getting a little more involved. And it’s harder to keep things under wraps now that she’s involved with a label and working with other artists.

Hopefully, there will be live performances shortly. For some while now, fuvk has been toying with the idea of playing locally. Her friend Elijah (Seakid Mollusk) actually reached out about a show in San Marcos in March so that might be a first.

Also, things seem to get more serious lately. You find her music now also on Spotify. Fuvk used DistroKid to upload the songs, and might use the tool for other distributions in the future. Good for us!

Music is Life

In the lyrics by fuvk, I see so many parallels to Netflix’s series 13 Reasons Why. Luckily, fuvk found a way to work through her problems and hurts by writing lyrics and making music.

It is no coincidence that music has such an essential place in the lives of so many of us! What does music mean to you?

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