Art and its appreciation.

by Devyn Anthony

Art and its appreciation.
Everything became a rose, instantaneously! The world was transformed just as I was and the emotion was incredible. Some folks call this an epiphany, it was that and so much more.

Listen to the song while reading the story.

It may have been in the Spring of 2005. I was on a walk from the loft apartment which I may or may not have been renting and living with the ex-fiancé in at that particular time. She is the actual girl in the lyrics of my song Holding Hands, she has Tiff to her credit as well.

On this stroll through the neighborhood, things were melting quickly leaving that road look dirty uncovering the litter and Earth now as mud layered in the snow. The winds were light, but things swirled about, like, discarded shopping bags. All in all, things didn’t seem very pretty.

Some call it an epiphany, it was a freight train that I lost playing chicken with and I was grateful for the fracturing of my skull!

ART! Everything is! Alone or in combination.

Immediately, the dirt and the garbage, the cars, the sidewalk and the fence around the playground, the sound of sirens in its ebb and flow, the birds singing, the wind humming, the Sun shining, the smell of Earth, all of it, every stitch, art and artistic!

I went out yesterday in the warmth of this Spring to do some mundane things. In my walk home, the little broken and splintered pieces of sidewalk that make skateboarding unpleasant crunched beneath the soles of my converse high tops. My ears popped open in that instant, and I was staggered at the patterns that were being made by the city before me. My footsteps and the rubbing of my jeans between itself, the wind, birds and sirens again, absolutely everything I could hear fell into unison and created this beautiful song! I was delighted and naturally reminded of that day in 2005.

The saying advises to stop and smell the roses… which ones? Everything’s a rose!

Artist’s Note
Alberta, Canada, Edmonton
Indie, Rock, Alternative

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