Tender Beats

by Oscar Fernando Perez

Oscar Fernando Perez by Tender Beats
Rock and love from Colombia, Australia and The United States. New York City. Rock and Science

We make rock music that comes from the heart

Tender Beats EP, by tenderbeats

tenderbeats After emigrating from Colombia in 2017, lead singer and band founder, Oscar Fernando assembled the band in NYC with musicians Marcelo Maccagnan and Jared Pease. Raw guitars and melodic lines characterized the sound First EP will be released at the end of June 2018 2018's west coast tour will begin in June by playing headlines at the Springboard Music Festival in Houston Tender Beats EP, released 10 June 2018 1.


New York City, Los Angeles
Alternative Rock, Rock, Indie Rock
Australia, losangeles, ledzeppelin, whitestripes, colombia, nirvana, Music, newyork, Science, newyorkmusic, alternativerock, Rock, radiohead, usa

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