Airwaves Spectacular Preserve The Song

by Cyrus Keefer

Airwaves Spectacular Preserve The Song by Cyrus Keefer
We are in our 40s, except for Kayla:) But we have been grinding for years. Chris who writes our sound and I met 20 years ago after I left my more heavy/ hardcore band Novelty( we opened for acts like helmet, into another, cast iron hike, sunny day real estate, etc) I had given up on music after we had tried to raise a band called 5,000 Rooms, which never made it to perform live. Now, in the future with the ability to file share we birthed airwaves spectacular.

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Preserve the Song

Chris and I talked time and time again about doing something new but 80s in sound and feel. The cars, Bowie, Marvin Gaye, Jazz, hip hop but pop and really just being open-minded to sound and exploration. Chris was originally a bass guru and then started playing guitar and singing and writing material having written many solo records. He has a def ear and can write songs and sounds like nobody, and original.

That’s what sold me. Airwaves spectacular came from his songs and what I would say to them, and later how Kayla would harmonize and bring an angelic quality and register that really makes our sound.

My father was a singer, and all I ever wanted to do was sing and bring something true and original to the music market.

Chris started sending me songs, and after three short years, we recorded 38 original tracks. We went digital and had no true formula or format. But what we had was respect for the song and out of most tracks, I never changed a thing that he wrote. I only embellished with words and sound, and Kayla did her thing in the same vein.

The art of our records is we spent not a second In the same room. We worked hard to preserve the song that was written and not over think it, change it, lose it. We honored the songs and went with what was laid out, and ran with them. It was real, contagious, natural connection, and the longing to be a part of the sounds.


We just released Sinemadik, the phonetics for cinematic. Chris has a way of taking jazz and rock and really laying down a vibe. He plays bass and guitar to what may seem just to be digital and take our sound someplace very special. I listen and write poems, stories, thoughts and find sound and Kayla rounds is out.

We play to no agenda or formula, we write a piece, stay true to it and play it until it sounds good. Chris does the rest, engineers, mix and master and recently we had two amazing drummers ad a live touch, and our buddy mat at mobtown studios in Baltimore master us. We love our freedom and write from the heart.

We’d love to do this for a living, and we will continue to celebrate sound, poetry, vibe, and lyrics. We write about our city, our hearts, relationships and our love of Jesus Christ. We are a spiritual band; you may be surprised. But our faith is what brought us together. A lot for artists are afraid to announce their faith. Not us.

We thank you in advance for listening to us. And I hope that you share this with many. Music is light, it’s breath, it’s sunshine, it’s rain, it’s external and internal. It’s the very essence of our souls, and it’s a surface in which is very personal. We choose to perform unafraid and Sing our songs.

Airwaves Spectacular

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Baltimore, Maryland
Alternative, Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz
new music, independent, song, Spirituality, faith

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