A Discovery of Being Understood

by Heath Church

A Discovery of Being Understood by Heath Church
When I play a song for you, I want to create an experience that sticks with you. I want to take you to a place in your mind where you feel accepted and understood in a unique way that you haven’t before. That’s what music does. It understands us. I think everyone needs a chance to feel understood.

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I grew up in Blue Springs, Missouri, a medium-sized city in the Kansas City area. From a young age, I have always been involved in music. My mom always had a passion for music, and she paid for me to take piano lessons for three years starting when I was nine years old. The piano never seemed to be the instrument for me. However, all we had was a piano, and my mom wanted me to have exposure to music, so I did not have much of a choice in the matter.

I practiced piano for three years until one year my parents gave me a guitar for Christmas. At the time, I was quite unimpressed by this gift and left it to collect dust in the darkness of my closet, until one day I removed the guitar from its dark, dusty home. I started pressing my fingertips to the strings and frets when something indescribable happened. I made a connection to the sounds that vibrated through the air. As my fingers danced across the fretboard, I felt something I had never felt before. I felt understood.

For many years growing up, I had never felt as though I belonged anywhere, with anyone, or with anything, but at that moment I knew. I belonged with music. For me, music also has a therapeutic effect. It helps me turn messy thoughts and emotions into something clear and concise that I can accept and come to terms with. Since I first discovered music, I’ve taken several years of guitar lessons and have also written songs for years. Currently, I play at venues around town and take every opportunity I can get to share my music.

Heath Church

Heath Church, Category: Artist, Albums: The Beautiful Things That Haunt Us, Singles: All Messed Up, Breaking Even, The Things I’ve Tried – EP, DNA, The Beautiful Things That Haunt Us, Top Tracks: All Messed Up, Breaking Even, You Don’t Love Me, This Poisoned World, Kansas City Train, Biography: Heath is a Kansas City native singer/songwriter whose music fits best into the folk and Americana genres., Monthly Listeners: 108, Where People Listen: Kansas City, Chicago, Atlanta, Hampton, Los Angeles




Artist’s Note
Kansas City, Independence, Lee’s Summit
Acoustic, Americana, Indie-Folk, Folk, Singer-Songwriter
Singer-Songwriter, Indie-Folk, Heath Church, acoustic, Americana, Folk

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