From the reclusive “Artist” to the “Rock Star”

by Zach Pliska (Vazum)

From the reclusive artist to the rock star by Zach Pliska (Vazum)
When I’m playing or listening to music time stands still, and the outside world doesn’t exist. My imagination runs free. That’s what I most enjoy about being a musician. I like to spend time alone which gives me plenty of time to write songs, but then performing in front of an audience is an entirely different thing.

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First, you have to gain the trust of a band and feel comfortable with them. Then on stage, you become entertainment whether you intend to or not.

It’s interesting to live between the two extremes, from the reclusive “artist” to the “rock star.” I’m naturally a shy person so to get on stage with my band Vazum, I have to become someone else, which I’ve done by creating characters and I’ve had a lot of fun with that. You can take yourself seriously to an extent, but at some point, you have to let yourself go.

I try to remind myself that the nervousness going on inside my head is of no importance to the outside world. What’s important is the experience I create for myself and those around me.


Vazum, Category: Artist, Albums: Void, Vazum, Singles: Fall Guy, Top Tracks: Fall Guy, Wait, Friend, Joys of Spring, Stand, Monthly Listeners: 9, Where People Listen: Livonia, Elyria, Grand Rapids, Rochester, Royal Oak


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Detroit, Michigan
Alternative, Alternative Rock, Grunge, Goth, Indie, Indie Rock
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