The world is rotten, and somebody needs to sing the blues about it.

by Uncle Wormwood

The world is rotten, and somebody needs to sing the blues about it. by Uncle Wormwood
Not necessarily me, but hey, I’m doing it anyways!

I am Uncle Wormwood, the harbinger of doom & gloom, a one-man band from the mountains of central Finland, specializing in doom-blues, death-country and folk-noir. Armed with home-made percussions, shitty guitars, and a deep growly voice, I’m on a mission to spread my gospel of death and destruction all over the world.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

My unbearable lack of purpose fuels my creativity as it lets my mind wander in the darkest corners of the imagination; it also guides my observing eye towards the things that are wrong or seem weird.

I have been operating on the roots field for the past 10 or so years. Almost everything bearing one of my many names has been made completely by me. I’ve always been terrible at working with people for long periods of time, so I had to learn to do everything myself, from playing the instruments to recording, mixing and mastering.

This music stuff was never about me or my ego, so it’s difficult to write about myself; I just happen to be the guy behind the music. To me, it’s all about the comfort and joy that only music can bring.

So let us celebrate together in music the awful mess of flesh and blood, toil and turmoil, death and destruction, we call life.

Uncle Wormwood

Uncle Wormwood. Finland. No good Feel bad One man Junk band


Artist’s Note
Blues, Dark Folk, Death Country, Doom Blues, Swamp Rock
folk-noir, DIY, one-man-band

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