Rise Up! The Power of One

by Gary Blanchard

Rise Up! The Power of One by Gary Blanchard
I talk to so many people who feel that they are powerless; that their actions do not impact society. While I can understand their feelings, I know that this is not true. I have seen so many instances of how small actions can have a major impact. As I pondered this, a series of songs emerged that offer a sense of hope and power. These songs became the CD Light One Candle.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Music can do many things. It can console us, move us physically and emotionally, inspire us, and connect us. I wanted this album to do all of this. The basic message is that we are children of the light, and that we can spread our light and, in the process, change the world. One random act of kindness can multiply and spread. We might not see the impact we have, but it will be felt by others. Rather than to focus on seeing the result of our actions, we need to see that it is the action itself that matters. If we act, things may change, but if we do nothing then nothing will change.

It is easy to be cynical about our power, but we have all seen the power of one make a difference. When a person rushes into a fire to save a life it not only affects the person who was saved, it makes the world a better place. When you stop to let another car enter traffic, that person is more likely to pass it on. As it passes from one life to another the world grows lighter and brighter.

I am of the generation that thought we could change the world in the late 60s. While we may not have brought about the Age of Aquarius, we did bring change to society. We may not have gotten back to the garden, but we sure have done some weeding.

The title track states:

Light one candle, shine the light upon the land.
If you light one candle you may see that light expand.
If you cast light into darkness others too will make a stand.
So light one candle, shine the light upon the land.

Now is the time to light your candle, and to pass that light on to those around you. You can make a difference.

Gary Blanchard

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