The Tomlinson Tapes

by c o m r

The Tomlinson Tapes by c o m r
Throughout our recent albums, we’ve strung a story. The story of a beloved friend. The story is continuing to this day, as he is still on his journey, we are only the messengers.

It began in New Jersey. Jeffrey Tomlinson was a young boy. He’d faced problems with his mother. She hid things from Jeffrey; things he may never have wanted to find.

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Jeffrey simply wanted to embrace his appreciation for sports, through jerseys. He also wanted to embrace his fascination with wearing pantyhose. She did not want the same for him. In fact, the only thing she could think to do was dispose of his jerseys the only way she knew how… by burning them.

Obviously, Jeffrey was troubled, but his life would change when he went on a family road trip.

When Jeffery was twelve, his family embarked, not inordinately, on a road trip to Northern New Jersey, where his grandparents lived. During this trip, they passed by a lonely man in need of a ride. The family decided to pick him up. This was a decision they would never forget making.

After picking him up, they realized that they got along… better than they expected. The man ended up staying with them. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months, and they became family. However, throughout this time, they never learned his name. They called him, “The Guy” and felt content. They had no need to refer to him as anything else… until one day.

After nearly a year of his acquaintance, the mustachioed man with long blonde hair, a wifebeater, and an eyepatch… dropped dead, seemingly out of nowhere.

His name was Trip Fisk. He was Jeffrey’s long lost brother. They had no idea throughout their kinship.

That’s all of the story we can tell here, but you can continue the ongoing tale in our upcoming compilation the Tomlinson tapes at


C O M R, Category: Artist, Albums: Love & Lies (Fifty-Fifty, Ch. 4), Busk Till Dawn (Fifty Fifty, Ch. 3), The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend (Fifty-Fifty Ch.


Artist’s Note
Hartford, Connecticut
Alternative, Americana, Electronic, Rap, Beats, Easy Listening, Indie
urban, road trip

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  1. Maylin Lei says:

    I love the music, it really made a really interesting experience with how the blog flowed. It’s funny that our posts are so close to each other cause I was born in Hartford, CT! Small world!

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