Waiting For

by Marlee Quirarte

Waiting For by Marlee Quirarte
“Waiting For” was written alongside producer/writer Abraham Hovey. I had been wanting to release a single for a while, and let something sit on its own… this finally felt like the track that could do just that.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

I wrote this in a very transitional place w/ myself. I like to think it is a love song written by me- to me. I think a common theme for not just me, but many others- is to be unsure, or reside on the fence in many aspects of life- relationships, work, creative pursuits.

I think many people can relate to this message because many people are living their lives asking themselves what they are waiting for. Specifically, though, I know many people who have been in a position intimately where they feel they have to “wait” for someone or maybe they, themselves are keeping someone else in the unknown.

Regardless, we are all waiting for something… or someone.

Marlee Quirarte

Marlee Quirarte, Category: Artist, Singles: Waiting For, Fall, When I’m Alone, Top Tracks: Waiting For, Not This Time, Think About Me, Fall, True, Biography: Marlee is a Rhythm and Blues Singer-Songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA., Monthly Listeners: 27, Where People Listen: Los Angeles, Fountain Valley, Kansas City, Chicago, Anaheim


Los Angeles, California
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