what we meant all along

by pfnz

what we meant all along by pfnz

we’ve put on a band that’s not particularly average, so to say.

i’m one of the few that’s been there from the beginning and i’ve seen people come and go, but one thing always stayed the same: the reason why we do this.

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Writing music is the closest I’ll get to playing god.

by The Red Priest

Writing music is the closest I'll get to playing god.
I’d rather retreat into a world of sound that I made up than have to deal with the world as it’s given to me. Maybe then I can come up with a clever idea to change it. Music has always been sort of an escape for me, and sometimes I choose to isolate myself from those who love me the most so that I can just play. Solitude is great, but don’t get solitude confused with loneliness. I look at solitude as being good company to yourself and loneliness as being double un good company to yourself.

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