Writing music is the closest I’ll get to playing god.

by The Red Priest

Writing music is the closest I'll get to playing god.
I’d rather retreat into a world of sound that I made up than have to deal with the world as it’s given to me. Maybe then I can come up with a clever idea to change it. Music has always been sort of an escape for me, and sometimes I choose to isolate myself from those who love me the most so that I can just play. Solitude is great, but don’t get solitude confused with loneliness. I look at solitude as being good company to yourself and loneliness as being double un good company to yourself.

The source of my sound comes from an AVID ELEVEN RACK and an IBANEZ JBM20 guitar. I use MOGAMI cables to connect everything including the JBL studio monitors. My setup is something like this MacBook PRO>SCARLETT 2i2 FOCUSRITE>AVID ELEVEN RACK; JBL STUDIO MONITORS>IBANEZ JBM20. I use CUBASE for recording my ideas and Guitar Pro for tabbing them out.

When I write it’s just one riff at a time and if I’m lucky I’ll write two riffs or three. I have all these pieces, and the challenge is putting them all together to make a sonic puzzle. If you could imagine God making humans with body parts and stuff, it would be like having all the body parts lined and and deciding what the arms, legs, ears, and head are. That’s what I do with the exception of I’m not a god, and I am glad I didn’t have the job of creating humans.

Demo, by The Red Priest

Demo by The Red Priest, released 18 June 2018 1. Truth As Authority 2. Making Impact

These are two ideas I had, still incomplete.
Get to know me on a personal level. Well, as personal as one would get on a social media site.

Artist’s Note
Seattle, Washington
Instrumental, Metal
Death Metal, Trash Metal, Progressive Metal

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