Starting a revolution through music

by Lee Brickley

Starting a revolution through music by Lee Brickley
Are you sick and tired of war, inequality, racism, and injustice? Me too, and that’s why I write revolutionary protest songs. I wish I knew how to do more, but for now, I’m trying to make people think with my music because that’s what I do best.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

Planting seeds

Music is a powerful tool that we can all use to highlight issues, change opinions, and make social change. I’ve been a songwriter for as long as I can remember, but two years ago, I decided that dedicating my talents to writing about politics was the best course of action. I encourage others to do the same thing. If you feel strongly about something, if you see injustices taking place – start writing and singing about them!

Use catchy melodies that will stick in people’s minds. Try to write memorable choruses that will plant themselves in the minds of the listener. These small steps could one day help to plant seeds that will lead to real change in society.

Everyone wants a revolution, but if artists and musicians do not begin to raise their voices, it might never happen. Use your talents for good – stop writing songs about the partner who left you and how much you want them back. It’s been done, it’s boring, and it is a waste of everyone’s time.

Be informed

Last year, I released an album called “Songs for Rojava” written in support of all my Kurdish brothers and sisters suffering in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Not many people know about the feminist revolution that has taken place in Rojava, nor the hundreds of UK and US volunteers, some of whom have given their lives in support of the cause.

I hope my album has helped to educate some listeners, and I implore you all to do the same thing for causes you deem worthy with your next musical works.

Look to artists like Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan when determining the best subject matter. Consider the songwriting style of Don McLean when weaving your lyrics into simple melodies that tell a story or illustrate a point. And listen to David Rovics. Always listen to David Rovics.

Make an impact

Needless to say, anyone who visits my Bandcamp page and purchases a track or album will help to support my activism in the future – so any and all sales are appreciated!

But the truth is, you all need to get out there and start doing the same thing. Don’t waste your songwriting ability – work hard to ensure everything you write has an impact, no matter how small.

I’ll hopefully see you all on the front lines.


Lee Brickley

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