Music is my Medicine

by Weston Smith

Music is my Medicin by Weston Smith
Weston Smith, which is my actual name, is a Solo Synth Pop project I started in early 2016 as a way for me to cope through my mental illnesses. For years I had been battling with enormous waves of anxiety and depression, I had gone through multiple treatments to balance my life with various medications, but there wasn’t really any success with said attempts.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

I went to a school in Fairfax, VA where I majored in Music Technology. It was a great experience, but during those years I was endlessly battling it out with my emotional state, so I ended up dropping out of school to pursue my education as an audio engineer on my own time. Just before dropping out I had been working on a few songs with some of my friends, which turned into my first album and EP, “Making Memories” and “Psychic.”

It felt really good to put those songs out in the open, but I wanted to keep making new songs. Each new release is a learning experience, and it gives me a chance to hone my skills and improve upon the last release.

My most recent release, “Introspective,” which came out on 11/9 via Feels So Reel Music, covers some very important concepts that float around in my head, such as Loneliness, being a victim of manipulation, feeling different from everyone, and anxiety. Writing these songs really put some of my past memories to rest, it felt nice!

I started performing my music live shortly after I had dropped out. It’s a solo set with a few synths, a drum machine, vocals, and some saxophone and I always have a blast with it. I want to share my story in a way people can groove to or at least smile to.



Artist’s Note
Washington D.C.
Synthpop, Experimental Pop, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Lo-fi, Psychedelic
chill, bedroom pop, audio engineer, mental illness, depression, anxiety, loneliness

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