Bad Moves at SXSW

Bad Moves at SXSW

Washington’s power combo Bad Moves play a total of four gigs at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The first one today, Thursday, March 13, as part of their label Don Giovanni’s showcase at Sidewinder. If you’re there, don’t miss it.

New Single

Bad Moves is in the process to record their full-length debut. Just a few days ago they released kind of a preview the fantastic single Cool Generator. The band does also present a very arty video:

You can visit Bad Moves on Bandcamp.

SXSW Shows

Tuesday, March 13 – 7.30 pm @ Sidewinter
Friday, March 16 – 4:45 pm @ Spider House
Friday, March 16 – 7:45 pm @ Barracuda
Sunday, March 18 – 12:45 pm @ Pearl | St. Coop

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