Positive Reinforcement Cookies

by Chuck Mancillas

Positive Reinforcement Cookies by Chuck Mancillas (Drool Brothers)
Positive Reinforcement Cookies is the Drool Brothers 8th release. I, Chuck Mancillas, play drums, sing lead and am the primary songwriter and engineer.  My Brother, Tom Slik, is the bassist, idea curator and serves as father wisdom.  We are joined by instrumentalist Dan Marfisi (bongos, xylophone, keys, guitar, and vocals) and lead guitarist East Los heart throb, Rico Garcia.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

Pop Deconstruction Mode

This was an EP produced in juxtaposition to our previous release, “Exile on Whittier Blvd.” in which dadaistic soundscapes interlaced with old school funk grooves. With this EP, however, we bounced back into pop deconstruction mode offering hypoglycemic pop tunes through a retro, proto-punk filter.

Though we are all music sluts who obsess over many styles of music, Tom and I have a fondness for 70s glitter rock and pre-punk such as Mott the Hoople, Iggy, the Sweet along with 60s garage, and as such, all of us are enamored with 50s, 60s lounge.

We leaned away from the blaxploitation element this time around so that the band can rock a bit on record. Come to think of it, I don’t know many rock bands that use a xylophone (thanks Dan) or Ornette Colemen guitar leads (thanks Rico) as heard on PRC, but yes, we are a rock band first.

LA Scene

In Los Angeles, once an LA band becomes popular, there are hundreds of clones that emerge almost immediately. Musicians relocate to LA from all over the globe to try to cash in on the hottest “alternative’ trend. This results in the creation of claustrophobic and banal communities based on musical and sometimes social exclusion.

In addition, money always takes over a good idea and fucks things up (FYF and Sunset Junction Fest, goodbye Echo Park Rising i.e.). This could be hard for some, but for us, we enjoy our emancipation, not only from the rules of a “scene,” but from the music industry as a whole. We can go wherever our fragmented minds lead us and play anywhere our fans take us.

Inclusive, not Exclusive

It is important to note that we are inclusive, not exclusive. As awkward as we seem, we love you unconditionally and celebrate our collective quirks no matter what.

It seems that our fans enjoy our eclectic view of the world, and their enthusiasm for our audio mutations keeps us humbly and joyfully productive.

They truly deserve Positive Reinforcement Cookies!

Drool Brothers

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Los Angeles, California
Alternative, Alternative Rock, Power Pop, Psychedelic, Soul
70s glam, wierd, Art Rock, Fuzz, proto-punk, LA scene

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