Of Grunge and Silence…

by Mocaine

Of Grunge and Silence... by Mocaine

This is Mocaine. “White-boy” Blues x the Seattle sound. Think Chuck Berry meets Jack White, while Buzz Osborne looms in the background.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

Portrait of DalĂ­, our recent EP, is our first attempt at this blend. 5 tracks (of which the last two are from a show we played in July), that aptly sum up our vision for this sound, and our principles when it comes to making music.

We are what may be called old-school in our production. We record ALL our material live, and shape all our sounds on amps, not DAWs. We don’t use metronomes and we don’t track multiple layers of any instrument. What you hear on record is what you get live.

There aren’t many left that appreciate the sanctity of a live take. It may even be called the romanticization of an antiquated notion. But our general dislike of machines keeps us from embracing the ease they facilitate. The end result of these millennial gadgets, we feel, is too plastic. There’s no plugins to fix that. Not that we have checked.

This is Mocaine.



Rock, Alternative, Blues, Grunge, Indie
recorded live in studio, Dali, abstract, Salvador Dali

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