Music is my poetry

by Mila Cloud

Mila Cloud

Music is something very intimate and personal, so it’s not easy for me to write about it. On the other hand, it is essential to me; it is something I want to share and what I want to talk about.

To describe this experience, the language of poetry would be more appropriate. On the other hand, such a language would be too hermetic and, as a result, incomprehensible. Besides, I can’t write poetry. Music is my poetry.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

I create and play music as Mila Cloud. Mila is a fictional character; she is a ghost. I needed to invoke that spirit to justify somehow what I do as a musician.

Mila is the ghost of a housewife. I am also a housewife. I work, take care of the house and raise two children. Music appears when no one is home or late at night when everyone is going to sleep.

It may sound artificial and pretentious, but I think music is one of the elements, like water, fire, or air. It is something overpowering, impossible to resist. It requires focus and attention, so I record 20 minutes a year on average. I just have very little time to make music.

I strongly feel that I have to do this and play music. This is my answer to the call of the decisive element.

My element is water. Long, flowing, wet sounds. I dream that my instrumental songs resemble sea waves or that my music sounds like it was written on the ocean floor.

I play the electric guitar. Apparently, I have a very organic contact with the instrument. We have a close, intimate relationship. I couldn’t play any other instrument. It would take a long time to get used to a different guitar than the one I have now.

An essential element of this relationship is the guitar effects. I love them for the colors, endless possibilities, and space they give.

I used to play in many bands. It was a wonderful but also depressing experience. I felt sad after every concert that few people came to. I felt sad when no one came up after the show and patted me appreciatively on the back. It annoyed me that I had to compromise with my friends in the band and consider their ideas and visions.

On the other hand, we had tremendous energy. It was exhilarating to play live together.

Now it’s exciting for me that several people are listening to my releases. I managed to reach a few people with my homemade music. This is a source of pride for me. It is also exciting that these are people from such different and distant places as, for example, Italy, Chile, the USA, or Japan. These places are very far from my home.


Artist’s Note
Warsaw, Poland
Alternative, Experimental, Ambient, Instrumental, Shoegaze
experimental, ambient, cloudgaze, doomgaze, drone ambient, dronegaze, fuzz, ghostsongs, guitar drone, instrumental, shoegaze, Warsaw

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