by Lyndon

Solitude by Lyndon

People ask me what instruments I play, and usually, I respond with, “Whatever gets it out of my head.”

Music has been an outlet for me for more than half my life at this point. I come from Chesapeake, Virginia, a place where music (let alone any form of art or entertainment) is totally underrated, never even remotely appreciated.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

Usually, I make all the effort to make music under the moniker Lyndon — anything from playing guitar, bass, keyboard, and singing, or even producing and mixing.

Lyndon is my middle name, and not many people know other people’s middle names. So for me, Lyndon is like a side of me you wouldn’t normally see.

Dream Pop and Shoehaze are some of my biggest influential music genres.

My lyrics/voice tend to be entirely submerged in the mix, but you should know it’s intentional.

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Artist’s Note
Chesapeake, Virginia
Alternative, Dreampop, Indie, Nu Gaze, Progressive Rock, Emo, Folk
diy, lo-fi, acoustic, gothic, ambient, synth

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