Stale Bread, Tap Water and Ms. Plant

by Rajeev

Stale bread, tap water and Ms. Plant by Rajeev aka LunarWolf
LunarWolf is a one-man alternative and experimental music project based in Bangalore, India. The project has produced six studio albums and been actively gigging since the early 2000s.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

My start was different. It wasn’t born out of countless hours of music theory and daydreaming. It wasn’t by playing Summer of 69 with a band and sounding like a bunch of wet cats on heat. It wasn’t by going viral on YouTube. The Internet was finding its way back then.

My start was different. Those days went by, living on a pack of bread that lasted a few days and drinking tap water to supplement the meal. 14 hours of work followed by hours of isolation inside a tiny room. The room had a mattress and a tape recorder. The tape recorder had chewed up and spat out many a Led Zeppelin album. And my vocal coach was Mr. Robert Plant.

Backed by boredom, brought a book and started writing. Needed a test subject. A muse. Found a very pretty looking one. A creeper plant that grew outside my window. Wrote a ballad for the plant. And recorded it on a TDK cassette. That was my first song. An A Capella. It sucked.

From that Ode to the Creeper Plant, to six studio albums… it has been all about trial, error, more error, some more error and a learning curve that got more and more complicated with each new instrument that I tried to learn. Soon the mattress had company. A keyboard. A guitar. And the tape recorder got an upgrade. This one had two decks which gave me the freedom to overdub (and really create some horrible recordings).

And now, several hundred hours of live gigs and studio recordings later, the only thing that will be truly etched in my system are those three things – Stale bread, tap water… and Ms. Plant.


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Artist’s Note
Bangalore, India
Alternative, Rock, Experimental, Singer-Songwriter
Recording Artist, Original Music, Independent Music, Alternative Rock, Independent Musician, Unsigned, Indie Music, Rock, Pop-Rock, Guitars, Singer-Songwriter

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