Blame It On My Ancestry

by El Valerie

Blame It On My Ancestry by El Valerie
I know I’m supposed to promote myself, but before I do that, let me break down why my latest project is bigger than me.

So. I am born, raised, and artistically based in Queens, New York City, USA. The borough of Queens as a standalone city would be the single most diverse place in the world; something like 200 languages are spoken here. In high school, I knew this girl who spoke English, Spanish, and a specific dialect of her family’s motherland (I forget which specific country it was – sorry mija). And it gets way more diverse than that around here.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

I love everything about my, my family’s, and my hometown’s multicultural background, and nothing will change that. Ever. However, in the past, I’ve felt forced to run interference between several cultural identities that some seemingly want me to believe should conflict with each other.

Simply put, at this moment in history, it’s not easy being someone like me in my own home country of the United States. And I’m just one of innumerable humans that this sort of burden has been placed upon throughout history.

I cannot enjoy the privilege of self-actualizing and creating music without acknowledging those who came before me, fighting for my right to be free and happy. I feel that’s part of how activism is supposed to work – upholding your friends, family, and community. Furthermore, other people and sentient creatures will come after us. I believe we should make the world a better place for them.

Y finalmente, if growing up in Queens has taught me anything, it’s that unity, diversity, and compassion are utopian pursuits. We can all work together. And if you don’t believe me, just ask the millions of people from all over the world who are all sharing space on these little islands called New York City.

My new album, I D A, is artistically the best one I have ever made. It was inspired by pain and the growth that results from it, whether it be mine or that of others. 100% of its first month’s (July 12 – August 12) digital sales are going to RAICESTexas, a non-profit human rights organization. Because we don’t give up. EVER.

So yeah. I basically want to use my art to represent and support others as best I can.

But this new album is also pretty bangin’ if I do say so myself. It’s for everyone who chooses to enjoy it. 🙂

El Valerie

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