Bugs Are Really Cool

by Lilac Boy

Lilac Boy - Bug2000

Bugs are really cool. I own a bunch of bugs encased in glass and you can look at them and go “Wow, that’s cool.” My favorite is a flower mantis that sits atop one of my shelves. I like how it looks. I wanted to make songs about bugs, so I did. In my opinion, you wouldn’t call a crab, a spider, or a shrimp an insect, but I’m perfectly comfortable calling them bugs. I even think I am a bug sometimes too. We’re all bugs if you really think about it.

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

I mostly just make music because it makes me happy, and I like how it sounds. I just kind of sit and tinker with a song until it sounds good to my ears. I’ve been listening to a lot of fast-paced jungle and breakcore, like way too much of it, and it makes me feel good. Machine Girl and Death Grips are probably the coolest projects right now in modern music, and I would cite them as my biggest inspirations for this project. I wanted to try and make some music that sounded cool like that too. So, I made some music that sounded cool like that.

I’m working on a longer project that sounds more like shoegaze, but I was kind of bored, so I wanted to make a breakcore song one day. I really liked it, so I made a few more. I put together a bunch of sounds and samples and twisted and fucked them up until they sounded rad. I made a song that made me feel like a bug and then some other songs that made me feel like other bugs. The fourth song on the EP is called “Crabman,” and it’s my favorite because it makes me feel like a crab. The chorus sounds like I’m bubbling underwater and using my pincers to catch little fish. Then at the end, all the sounds come together, and I’m crabman. Usually, my songs are about really sad existential things like death and neurosis in the digital age, but this project’s just about bugs. So that’s kind of nice.

I hope people like it, but if they don’t, that’s okay. I don’t like a lot of things either. I don’t really like Pink Floyd or expensive sports cars or neoliberal policy or backgammon. I do like ladybugs, krill, spiders, and crabs, though. If you like those things and you like music that sounds like my music, then maybe you’ll like my EP called “Bug2000”, an instrumental EP about bugs. I think it’s alright.


Artist’s Note
Alternative, Electronic, Experimental, Breakcore, Instrumental, Noise Pop
diy, lo-fi, insects, bugs

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