Life is Best When it’s Moving and Changing

by Jazzy Stardust

Life is Best When it's Moving and Changing by Jazzy StardustI basically just make music as a way to express something that’s not really that easy to say. I record and produce everything myself as well, so it’s a pretty personal thing for me. Expression¬†is the key: If I don’t have anything I feel I need to say, I usually don’t have a song to write.

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A Love for Art

I guess a part of that comes from my love of art, like surrealism and expressionism. I look up to many painters as much as I do to songwriters. And most of my favorites considered themselves expressionists and had something to express visually through their work.

I feel like one of the common threads there between art and music, is its documenting the human experience which resonates the most with others and connects us. It’s like a way to let people see things from your perspective. If you do it well enough, it brings people together.

Writing about Personal Dramas

I also think certain sounds match specific colors. So I try to make album art that has the same colors or similar ones that the songs do, as well as hit a theme the song expresses lyrically.

Sometimes I wish I could write about like more significant issues that face the world or my country. But it has to affect me directly, and I have to feel it strong enough to be able to share that feeling through a song. Maybe one day I will. Hopefully, whatever happens, isn’t too bad, but until then I just write about my personal dramas I guess. Which almost everyone does a bit.

Music is a Language

Other than expressing something lyrically I try a lot of the time to express the same theme through the instruments. I really like songs that are flowing and moving, not super repetitive and running in a circle.

I feel like most people write songs following like this verse, chorus structure because that’s how most songs are arranged that we’re introduced to in life. I feel like music is its own kind of language and that it should flow as a conversation would and keep moving forward, instead of just looping through the same cycle.

I think life is best when it’s moving and changing, not when it’s repeating the same routine over and over. I try so hard not to have that kind of life, so it’s only fair that the few minutes my songs are alive when playing, that they don’t have to suffer through that. I know, that sounds a little crazy but whatever.


Artist’s Note
Denver, Colorado
New Wave, Indie Pop, Alternative
Dance, surrealism, expressionism, dance-pop

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