by John Ian

Transitioning by John IanQuestions of identity, being transgender, being different. What does it take to get to the other side? What does it take to survive? It takes more than a sex hormone.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

I always thought if anybody out there could ever write a song about being transgender, it would be Bruce Springsteen, the man who was the reason I started writing songs. He is so good at putting himself into somebody else’s shoes, and he has this amazing way of describing little details that end up telling a whole story.

I really had no idea that one day I would decide to come out as trans as a musician and start incorporating those themes of gender and identity into my music but it has been liberating, and it feels absolutely right. I could use a little more support, for sure, but things have been going pretty well lately. People seem to really recognize my talent.



Artist’s Note
Folk, Alternative, Singer-Songwriter
singersongwriter, transgender, springsteen, ftm

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