The story behind how I started making music as Vinyl Motherfuck

by Leonardo

The story behind how I started making music as Vinyl Motherfuck by Leonardo
Vinyl Motherfuck is the solo (and unique) project of Leonard, a mexican guy that with his cheap lyricism and his basic but good instrumentals is making music since 2018 (but most of his published work is from 2019).

Listen to the EP while reading the text.

I think that most of my work as a musician is inspired by Mac DeMarco (and his makeout videotape era), the spring and summer vibes, and all that teenage stuff.

I’ve always been surrounded by the music scene; my parents are big fans of The Beatles, John Lennon (like a solo artist), Soda Estereo, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and many more artists. I remember when I was a kid, they would put videos and music of them, but one specific memory I have is one of when I was like four years old. I was on the couch, and they had the November Rain video, and I remember that at the moment when Slash goes out the church and plays the guitar solo, I fell in love with the sound and the feel it had. So I started to imitate how many artists played the guitar, but it took a LONG time for me actually to pick up a guitar and to begin to play.

In December of 2016 was when I grabbed the classical guitar that was at my house and started trying to play songs. Time passed, and when I thought I had a little experience I started making my own songs, but I didn’t like them at all, so it took me some months to try to make new stuff.

I made two tracks in 2018, “Spring Is Here” and “Heroine (I’m Dying).” I knew there was something good with them, so I started trying to make better lyrics, eventually, it would take several months for me to try again to make new music, so, on January of 2019 I made a song for my girl (which is on my “I’m hungry, so I made this EP”), and at that moment I really started trying to make songs, and my habitual consume of MJ, the Teen Suicide songs and the inspiration that just cames out at 3 am and the daily things I live got me writing and writing songs.

My work is inspired by a lot by alternative/indie artists, some of those are Sam Ray (of Teen Suicide), Daniel Johann (Salvia Palth), the guys from Surf Curse, Noah Kittinger (Bedroom), etcetera.

My “Spring Is Out There” EP was made in various recording sessions in February, March and the first days of April. It’s a good job and I think everyone should listen to it. A week ago (May 17th), I released “Feeling Lonely,” an EP not as good but with acceptable songs.

Artist’s Note
Indie Rock, Alternative, House, lo-fi

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