Good For Nothin

by Klay Cartier

Klay Cartier
Image credit: Rachael Baker @RWPhotography

When I wrote ‘Good For Nothin’, I knew that I wanted something that was different from what I’d done before; I wanted something that would clash with the music I’d released before.

So my producer played this loop of a guitar, and it reminded me of the song that’d play when Cowboys had a standoff; it sounded dangerous and captivating but once I heard the percussion, I was immediately excited! I’d never done something that was this brash and dark; I wanted the entire song to be like that.

Listen to the song while reading the text.

But my producer insisted the audience would get bored if the entire song was just brash and in your face, so he suggested a beat switch, and I told him, “I’ve always wanted to sing a song in Spanish, got something for me?” He said, ”Say less.” And I heard the most beautiful chords that made me want to sing my heart out.

From that point forward, my producer went into his zone, and I went into mine, writing and singing like a madman, and sooner than later, ‘Good For Nothin’ was born.


Artist’s Note
Kansas City, Missouri
Blues, R&B

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