Ada E. and the Journey of Fools

by Ada E.

Ada E. and the Journey of FoolsOur life is a journey, and we’re all fools sometimes, but some of us make wrong decisions influencing the rest of their life…

Listen to the album while reading the text.

After being a jazz singer for the last eight years, I started writing my own music in 2014. I experimented with the old electric piano the kids had. And suddenly all the sad stories I heard or read about in the newspaper were back to be told. Music is and was my expression always, and every song I write is about what someone feels when life gets hard, or he notices that he took the wrong road.

I wondered how the Islamic terrorist being 17 years old and knowing that he has five more minutes to live felt, what did he think and are we really concerned about watching the news? (the others – moving clouds stripped)

A woman trying to reach the one she fell in love with, knowing that he’s home but doesn’t want to talk to her. (phone call – journey of fools)

A mother trying to save her mentally ill grown-up child. (Selina – journey of fools)

But it’s not all severe – sometimes I use my very black humor to describe misadventures in a calm and melancholic way.

Ada E

Ada E. Großostheim, Germany.


Artist’s Note
Jazz, Alternative, Pop, Folk
dark folk, melancholy, sad stories, electric piano, journey of fools, black humor

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