Born & Bored

by Guilhem

Born & Bored by Guilhem

Dear People of the Internet,

My name is Guilhem, and I’m a singer/songwriter from Montreal, QC Canada. I play in a punk/rock band called Lost Love (since 2013), and I’ve also been performing solo/acoustic shows since then. After playing 500+ shows with both projects in 20 different countries (4 different continents), I thought it was a good idea to release a full-length album finally.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

In 2017, I released an acoustic EP (“Sings Songs of Lost Love”) recorded in the basement of my parents’ house in Rimouski, QC. It was basically just songs from my band in acoustic versions. Then, in 2018, I recorded (again all by myself) another EP, which was called Bad Art. Bad Art was a collection of songs that I recorded at my apartment in Montreal that I didn’t think would really fit with my band (Lost Love). The more I was writing songs, the more I realized I had more and more songs for my solo project, so I decided to do a full-length album last year.

However, I didn’t want it to sound like both of my previous DIY releases. I wanted it to be full-band. With drums, bass, electric guitars, synth, horns, and more. So I spent 2019 touring a lot, playing these songs all over the world with my acoustic guitar. From Australia to Japan, from Florida to Portugal. I’ve been to a lot of places to play my songs and tell my stories.

At the end of 2019, I decided to enter a studio and record my first full-length album BORN & BORED. It was a really fun experience because even though it was a solo album, I went in the studio with Adrian Popovich (who recorded the most recent Lost Love album) and Hugo Mudie (as a producer). I also hired a drummer (Julien Blais) because I’m not a good drummer and, my friend Dave came and played some guitars/synth/keys parts.

Anyway, it’d be great if you would take the time to listen to a few songs, or even the whole album (it’s only 25 minutes WAOWWW!)

For fans of: Jeff Rosenstock, Frank Turner, The Weakerthans, Chris Farren.


Montreal, Québec
Alternative, Pop-Punk, Folk Punk, Indie, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

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