Greg Connors Music Lays the “Holiday Cards on the Table”

by Gregc

Greg Connors Music Lays the Holiday Cards on the Table
This had to be done. I found myself following Halloween, sliding toward the trifecta of winter holidays; in the suburbs. I was alone, maudlin, grateful, full of ideas, beliefs and memories.

Listen to the album while reading the text.

I’ve recorded a lot of music. Had just released a single and video called “Future Nostalgia” and while wanting to follow through and have allegiance to that project, found it necessary to make a peculiar Lo-Fi tribute to the season in my room on a digital 4-track.

I played all the instruments myself and kept it fresh, raw and personal.
It’s about fifteen minutes of nothing anyone has ever done before.

I suggest a listen. With headphones. Perhaps all year long, but I haven’t tried that yet, so I cannot honestly recommend this year round. The rest of my music, I certainly can. I guess it’s not ‘for everyone’, but I think it could help everyone a lot. Enjoy.

Greg Connors Music

Greg Connors Music, Category: Artist, Albums: Home Made Compass, Singles: Future Nostalgia, Standing Still in Motion, Caught Up, Top Tracks: Standing Still in Motion, Death by Cop, Future Nostalgia, Just to Be, Where’s My Windfall, Biography: American singer, Monthly Listeners: 4, Where People Listen: Cortlandt Manor, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Frankenberg, Toronto

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